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Parachute is an online DME ordering portal that dramatically reduces the time it takes to order medical equipment, and has four main benefits:

  1. Clean Documentation - Reduce back and forth to get orders qualified upfront. Parachute generates documentation built out to CMS guidelines.
  2. Digital Communication - Chat digitally with instead of calling, emailing, or faxing our coordination team.
  3. Tracking - Track your order throughout process, from ’s warehouse directly into your patients’ hands.
  4. Digital Signatures - Setup MD/NP/PA’s to sign scripts from their phone/email.

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Parachute will offer weekly webinars to assist with setup and training on the platform. Select a time slot below, and they will reach out with more information!

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How much does using Parachute cost me?

Parachute is free for facilities to use.

Do I still need scripts and therapy notes?

Nope! When placing an order with Parachute, users answer a few insurance qualifying questions directly on the platform that replace the need for all physical documentation.

Specifically, by selecting the product you want and answering a few basic questions about why your patient needs that product, Parachute will generate the WOPD (sometimes called the script), the face-to-face, and in the case of Medicare/Medicaid patients, the CMN that the MD/PA/NP will ultimately sign off on.

Is this HIPAA compliant?

Yes - Parachute Health is CLOSEDy compliant with HIPAA guidelines, and completes a HIPAA compliance audit each year to ensure the safety of your patient data.

Can multiple people in my facility use Parachute?

Yes. A facility can have as many users as they’d like. There are two types of users: “Admin” users and “Standard” users. Admin users can place DME orders as well as add/remove other users, while Standard users only have the ability to place orders. An Admin user must be director level or above (i.e. Director of Social Services)

Can orders be signed digitally?

Yes. Clinicians have the ability to sign orders via text message and via email, neither of which requires them to create a Parachute account.

When signing by text message or email for the first time, the MD/NP/PA will receive a link that will ask them to confirm that their identity and NPI number. Thereafter, each time the clinician receives an order, he/she will be sent a link taking them directly to Parachute’s HIPAA compliant website, where they can then approve orders with a single click. Signing digitally ensures the entire DME ordering process is paperless.

What if my MD/NP/PA refuses to sign up for e-signing?

Parachute gives you the option to print out an order, have the prescriber sign the order, and then upload that signed order back into Parachute Health.Just click on “Print and Upload” in the “Signature” tab and follow the prompts.

Parachute also gives you the option to fax the script to your provider, but on average we have found that it takes doctors 4.92 days to sign faxed orders, whereas orders sent by other methods are typically signed within the same day.

Can I submit one order for multiple pieces of DME?

Yes - you are free to include as many items as you want in the same order for the same patient.

Can my facility use one login for all of our users?

For HIPAA compliance reasons, just like every faxed order has a name attached to it, we must know which individual placed the order, and thus facilities cannot use a generic email address to place orders.

Does Parachute cover all insurances?

Parachute is an ordering platform: not a supplier; we make it easier for you to connect with your supplier(s). When ordering with Parachute, you can use whatever insurance(s) are accepted by the supplier from whom you are ordering.

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